Kiteboarding Cabarete style, a whole new level @ 120FPS!

Published: Jun 12th 2015, By: Kelsey W. Smith

When Ariel Corniel & Posito Martinez saw I had an elaborate camera system (Red Epic) these two young Dominican hot-dogs decided to put on a show! I quickly realized just how phenomenal these guys were on the water, and started shooting slo-mo (120fps) to really capture some of their amazing moves. Racing by at speeds of up to 30 mph, shooting at 120fps allows you to see just how choreographed and acrobatic the action really is!

Every year my wife and I go to DR for a week of fun, sun, and for me, KITING! It’s always hard to decide what to do when the wind is up in Cabarete: kite or film the kiters! Some days there are 100+ kiters on the water and every so often you notice someone pushing themselves and their equipment to the limits. When I see that, I put down my board and grab my RED camera… exactly what happened this day.

I shot this video on the Red Epic @ 4K-HD 120FPS, with a Nikon 70-200mm and added additional slo-mo in post. I cut it on Avid MC, did most of the effects in After Effects and graded it in Davinci. It’s so nice to be able to take a high-end 6k camera like the Red Dragon in a backpack and travel around the world to get amazing footage!

What I like to tell people is, “Dominican, no kids = cheap marital therapy.” I highly recommend it! :) We usually stay somewhere close to Cabarete, there are some great restaurants and who can resist sipping rum smoothies while watching the sun set into the ocean? If you want to know more about Cabarete or shooting slo-mo with the Red Dragon, give me a shout and we’ll chat about it!

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