Equipment Packages

Kelsey with steadicamHaving the proper tools is crucial to a successful shoot. At ECCS we take pride in amassing all the bells & whistles and gadgets that make your productions soar. Any director's creativity will be well-served with the array of gear owned by ECCS. We have everything required to create the light and movement that drives the dynamics of compelling imagery, from steadicam to camera sliders, and all the lighting nuances that illuminate your story.

Camera on the cartAccomodating the producer/director is our number one priorty. We understand better than anyone that time is money and money is time. For producers, its about maximizing the shoot day. If it's a small crew, then having a custom camera/grip cart to help facilitate the speed of moving gear from one location to another is a bonus. We want you to focus on what's next on the shooting list, not how long will it take to get there!

East Coast Cine has upgraded to the Red Gemini 5K low light camera with helium sensor!

Red Epic-X camera on a sliderGotta LOVE the new Red Gemini 5K low light camera with helium sensor! This new 5K low light camera coupled with the famed Cooke prime lenses has revitalized the visual landscape with unbelievable image quality so sharp you can pull high-resolution stills from your moving footage! With more than 8 times the resolution than HD, Red is proving to be one of the most advanced and capable cameras on the market today. The Red Gemini has the ability to record in any flavour of Apple Pro Res or Avid DNxHR on top of R3D recording, no need to transcode, a big plus for a lot of producers!:) You can record 4K or 2K, in log or graded. I have to say, scaling the image from 5K to 2K looks absolutely amazing! It has the new color science IPP2, completely mind blowing what they’ve done! You can shoot @ higher compression ratios with little image degradation that give you longer record times, great for interviews! Slow motion has never been so sweet as at 300 frames per second. Shooting in 5K allows you to reframe shots by 600% and yet maintain crisp image quality when finishing in a 1080P project. Having recently added the Red Gemini 5K to his camera collection confirms Kelsey's commitment to delivering the highest quality images to clients and satisfies his inherent need to play with the world's most sophisticated technology on a daily basis. 

We also have a Nikon mount with full frame lenses, Nikon 14-24, Nikon 24-70 & Nikon 80-200, a perfect set-up for corporate projets, web videos or just run & gun projects! 

Camera Packages

Red Gemini Helium Camera Package

  • Cooke LensRed Gemini 5K body w/DSMC2 Base Expander
  • DSMC2 side handle
  • Skin tone OLPF, Low light OLPF, and Standard OLPF
  • 7" Red Pro Carbon Fibre Touch LCD monitor
  • Red 7" LCD on-board monitor
  • Red Nikon mount
  • 3-480 GB Red SSD drives
  • 6-140W Red batteries
  • 2-Red dual chargers
  • 1- Decimator HD downconverter
  • 14-24 Nikon 2.8 lens
  • 24-70 Nikon 2.8 lens
  • 70-200 Nikon 2.8 lens
  • 50mm T 1.2 Nikon
  • 2X teleconverter 
  • Titanium PL mount
  • Cooke Panchro Lens Set ( 25mm, 32mm , 50mm, 75mm & 100mm)
  • Duclos 11-16MM T2.8 short zoom
  • Shape hand held pkg.
  • Vaxis 1200 Wireless HD Video Transmitter System
  • Chrosziel matte box with siders, eyebrow and studio follow focus
  • Download station - Apple 2017 15" MBP 3.1 GHz i7, 16GB RAM + lots of other goodies!

Panasonic GH-5

  • Metabones adapter 
  • Petroff matte box and follow focus
  • 14-24 Nikon 2.8 lens
  • 24-70 Nikon 2.8 lens
  • 70-200 Nikon 2.8 lens
  • 50mm T 1.2 Nikon
  • 2X teleconverter 

Go Pro Black Hero 3

  • 64GB card
  • extra batteries
  • multiply mounts

Please note --if you are looking for another camera pkg, please let us know as we have access to other camera pkgs.

Equipment Package (included with either Red Gemini or GH-5)

  • Red Epic camera on the beachSachtler 20+ tripod with high hat
  • 40+ Tiffen and B&W Filters
  • Minolta IV incident meter, Pentax V Spot Meter, Minolta III Color Meter
  • McBeth Color chart & 11 step chip chart
  • Flanders Scientific (FSI) 24" DM-240 10 BIT
  • Panasonic 17" BT-LH1700WE HD monitor
  • Strand lighting kit (very large gel kit, 2-1K/600W Redheads, 1-300/500w
  • Mizar (fresnel)1- 750/1K Bambino (fresnel), scrims
  • Kino Flo Diva light 400
  • LTM Pepper Kit - 2-450W, 2-200W
  • 1-Zylight 90 with chimera saft box and Anton battery belt
  • 1-small & 2 medium Chimera light banks with diffusion & grids, flexfill
  • Grip Kit (4-C stands, 3-1.5K dimmers, 10- maffer clamps, 2 magic arm, scissor clamps, 4 small & 4 large flags, 2 small & 2 large nets, silks,
  • 2-4'X4' diffusion frames, 2-4”X4” bounce cards, etc.)
  • Sound (Lectrosonic CR195-UHF wireless mic & 2 Sanken lav mics)

Miscellaneous Gear

  • 4' custom camera slider
  • 8' custom camera slider
  • 8'X8' frame with 1/2 silk & matte bounce/black
  • 2-4'X4' floppies
  • 1- Source 4 750W 25-50 zoom
  • 3-2' wagon lights with dimmers 
  • 3-3' wagon lights with dimmers 
  • Chimera medium 1000/500w pancake light 
  • Magnum 2500 Hazer
  • 3000W Honda EU generator 
  • 1000W Honda EU generator 
  • skateboard dolly with 16ft track
  • 8'X12' camera/grip trailer

Pro Cine/Live HD Steadicam Package

  • Steadicam VestKlassen BM vest
  • Tiffen G-70x Arm
  • 8” CineMonitorHD Evolution SuperBright
  • 2-K6 Gyros + lots of other goodies!
  • Vaxis 1200' wireless video
  • Blade On-board recorder
  • Atomos Shogun Flame 7" Director monitor
  • Tilta Neucleus M remote FIZ system with handles
  • 2-BFD's wireless focus and iris control (2 M-One motors)
  • Vehicle mount kit/helicopter mount kit
  • Garfield mount
  • Modified Steadi Wheel chair

Movi M-15 3 axis gimbal pkg.

  • Klassen Wheels
  • Ready Rig GS vest
  • Cinemilled Pro ring kit
  • Mitchell mount adapter
  • 2 - Accucell S60 chargers
  • 1 - Cinemilled Steadicam armpost adapter
  • 1 - Shogun 8” monitor


  • Standard configuration 6' boom (great for tight quarters!) 
  • 36" extension kit (increases boom range to almost 12')
  • 60" super extension kit (increases boom range to 16')
  • Low profile 3 way leveller
  • Light weight tripod
  • Mitchell mount & ball mount adapter
  • Movi adapter for remote head 
  • *** In conjunction with 8' slider this Jib/crane combo has endless possibilities - only limit.....is creativity! 

Specialty Steadicam Mounts

ATV MountATV and Truck Steadicam Mounts

  • 2003 Polaris 700 ATV with front & back mount 
  • Truck rear mount for Steadicam 
  • Wheelchair mount for Steadicam