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Of paramount importance is the relationship between director and cinematographer.

A cinematographer takes the audience on a visual journey by bringing the director’s vision to the screen. Creating images for story-tellers. This is truly what I do, by immediately setting my clients at ease and establishing collaborative and fruitful relationships based on trust. For me, it’s a lot about “wowing” the client with pretty pictures to communicate their story. Cinematic excellence is what I strive for, whether feature film, commercial, a corporate piece or short.

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Steadicam Operator

Kelsey has worked extensively on virtually all types of production, including feature films, television series, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and corporate projects. Working on major films with some talented Directors of Photography has enabled him to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical application of his talents.
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Studying Electronic Cinematography back in the early nineties has given him an edge on the digital age, and his love affair with technology is still going strong.
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Studio Rental

We have a 25’x30’studio space complete with a 12’x20’ green screen. Two 9' x9' doors allow easy access for loading in gear.
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