Avid editing suiteAt ECCS, we can transcode your Red foorage to whatever flavor your want. In our suite, we have a custom Mac Pro with a Cubic Expander that houses a Red Rocket card, Quadra 4000 and a GTX580 card. We can do one light passes with our DaVinci Resolve. Whether you need Pro Res 4444, Avid DNX, or DPX for the VFX department, we can deliver your footage in any format you require.

Studio Rental

We have a 25’x30’studio space complete with a 12’x20’ green screen. Two 9' x9' doors allow easy access for loading in gear.

Kelsey with Tyler nose side mount rigHelicopter Shooting

Need beautiful aerials of Atlantic Canada? We have experience shooting with Tyler side-mount, and nose-mount. To capture similar stabilized images at a fraction of the cost, we have engineered and constructed a custom KWS steady mount with two K6 gyros to achieve a smooth moving picture.